✨You’d like a special custom painting? Whether it be a painting of a loved one that has passed, or a gift for someone, paintings are a timeless way to capture a special moment in time ✨

👩🏽‍💻Consultation 👩🏽‍💻

1. Fill out the Commission Request form below. Make sure to include your idea for the painting and any other particulars you can think of (think sizing, would you like the painting framed, etc)

2. Brandi will reply to you within 1-2 weeks and ask you questions about your idea, jumping on a phone call is usually easiest to have a chat and talk about why you want the painting done.

3. Important: Brandi requires a HIGH resolution digital image reference photo/s. She will request these during the consultation process. Failure to have high resolution photos may result in rejection of the commission request or a higher price for the painting.

Please note: Approval of being accepted in to the Commission Calendar is subject to Artist discretion, Brandi will take into account whether the artwork fits her current artistic practice and time schedule.

💸Pricing 💸

4. Brandi's pricing ranges anywhere from $300-$7000 including p&h (depending on size and complexity of the painting).

5. After consultation with Brandi she will send you an itemised quote via email, if you are happy with the pricing you can click on 'approve' and she will then send you an invoice for the painting that is due within 28 days.

6. Payment plans are able to be arranged however must be completed within 28 days.

IMPORTANT: Brandi is unable to start any commission painting until payment has been received in full. Failure to pay the invoice will result in forfeit of your spot in her commission calendar and future/potential rejection of commission requests. (Unfortunately, Brandi has experienced multiple last-minute cancellations in the past and now must be strict with this policy)

⚡️The Painting⚡️

7. Brandi will give you time frames for when she starts/concludes work on your painting. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few months to complete (but totally worth it!)

8. Brandi will send you progress pictures along the way (and may request to film a time-lapse of the painting to post to social media, only with customer consent).

19. The painting will be shipped via Australia Post and a tracking code will be sent to you via email. For paintings worth over $500, a signature will be required upon delivery.

Refunds policy

Commission Request Form

Brandi with the Founder of local Hobart Organisation, Colony47, and his surprise Portrait Commission